WEBSITE BANNER Illustrated banner for Cover to Cover bookshop's website showing the view of the iconic Mumbles Pier and Lighthouse, South Wales.

GREETING CARDS These are a few examples of my brand new range of Occasions
Greeting Cards for the creative customer. They are soon to be available from my new
greeting card company Paperwhale alongside a range of Blank Greeting Cards. For
wholesale enquiries email or visit

EDITORIAL Gourmet Food Maps for House & Garden Magazine
Full page travel map illustrations following gourmet journey's through New Zealand, Canada and the USA.
Commissioned for House & Garden Magazine's Gourmet Food supplement for issues January 2012, January 2013, January 2014.

EDITORIAL Illustration for GQ Magazine for an article about Great Britain's likelihood of doing well in the 2012 Olympics.
This is a handmade paper constructed scene, photographed and edited digitally.

EDITORIAL Full page illustration and three spot illustrations for Geeked Magazine article on punk
power Russian rock group Pussy Riot recently imprisoned for political protests.

EDITORIAL Full page collage illustrations with hand drawn typography for an interesting article in Geeked Magazine discussing the empowerment that Libyan women find in their kitchens, and for a recipe for the traditional Libyan dish Mehshi.
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EDITORIAL Illustration for a book review of The Map and the Territory by Michel Houellebecq in the Financial Times.

EDITORIAL Various examples of illustrations for magazine articles on a range of subjects from Ash Cloud Flight
Disruptions and Rainforest Sales to The Happiness Agenda and How Difficult Is It To Have A Cup of Tea.

SPOTS Various examples of spot illustrations.

BOOK COVER ILLUSTRATION Commissioned by Welsh Publisher Y Lolfa Publishing and the Welsh Book Council for Teen Fiction Novel 'Bore Da' (Good Morning) by Gwennan Evans.
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